Ratings & Reviews from Cowork Members

Ratings & Reviews from Iron Front Cowork Members:

Iron Front is a game changer for entrepreneurs in Central PA. What a fantastic resource that is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a work space to help grow our business! From the beautiful interior design to the host of amenities included with a membership, it is truly the total package. Coworking provides an environment to focus and engage in my work, while also offering plenty of opportunity for collaboration and networking. It is one space that fits all styles of businesses and people alike.

Leighton Lutze, Evergreen Cleaning Company 

I am the owner of a digital marketing company and the majority of my business is primarily run off of my laptop. When I first started my business and was working out of my home office, it was difficult to set boundaries between work time and personal life. Working from home sounded great in theory but it just never worked for me. The decision to move into a co-working space was one of the best decisions I made for my business.

I’ve been a member of several co-working spaces over the years but Iron Front has been by and far the best. It’s beautifully furnished with an awesome interior design and great vibe. If you didn’t know any better you would think you were in New York, Philly, or even Silicon Valley, it’s really unbelievable this space is right here in downtown Lewisburg.

I have a locked office which is great when I need to make sales calls and have privacy but there are also conference rooms for meetings, phone booths, and shared desks if you want a change of scenery for the day. The amenities are also a big bonus: each private office comes with duel monitors, everyone has access to colored printing, fresh coffee on the pot all day, a variety of fruit waters and a complimentary breakfast each Tuesday.

The best part is there are many other companies working out of here so there’s a professionalism and focus that often lacks in other coworking spaces that attract single consultant-types. The staff is super helpful and accommodating and there’s impressive security upfront where lock/unlock the doors with a cell phone app.
I couldn’t be happier with this space and I highly recommend Iron Front to anyone who is looking for a great place to work from, come check it out!

Steve Post, Quan Web Studios

Iron Front is a genuinely unique co-working space and I’ve seen many, many others in my time to compare to. You usually find the same pattern emerging… Boxes and tiny office spaces, with grey walls, low ceilings, no light, poor meeting rooms and even less atmosphere. Iron Front is the total antithesis of all of these things. Beautifully crafted interiors, open, airy work spaces, wonderful meeting/conference/video rooms & state of the art technology, all tailored perfectly for the modern entrepreneur/company.

Add to that the comfort and plush feeling of every part of the interior space, as well as wonderfully appointed communal/leisure areas (and plenty of free coffee, water and even beer!) and you have the single best co-working space I have ever visited. A genuinely inspirational place to work from, or just liaise with other like-minded business people, or attend informative, fun training events, Iron Front represents the pinnacle of co-working space and I highly recommend anyone books their place as a member before capacity is reached.

Alex Fleck, Zenith Online Marketing

Iron Front Cowork is like having a bit of a high tech city in Lewisburg, PA. I have been to a few Cowork establishments and Iron Front is at the top of the list. The detail that was put into the design helps my business and the others that I have met. Even the sound proof Telephone booths for extremely private phone calls is great. Love the coffee and lemon water as well as certain days for food put out for the members. I will definitely put to use the special media room setup for making movies or hosting interviews that I might want to film. The meeting rooms are comfortable and the tables are beautiful. There are plenty of windows for natual lighting. Lots of corners for small conversations.

I have a small business and this professional location offers me a great place to work and meet clients. Being downtown means great food is close by. The other members of Iron Front are great for networking and bouncing ideas with.

I do have an office at home, but with some of the flexible plans, Iron Front has given me the opportunity to expand my horizons. Another important item is that Iron Front is in the PA KIZ zone, which means I can take advantage of getting tax credits if my company meets the criteria (this is not available in most towns, or even in areas outside a few blocks in Lewisburg).

Mike Matukaitis, who owns Iron Front has thought of everything to help that small business owner needing a professional place to work, and sometimes just hang out.

Allan Woolway, CEO, Support Sciences

I work for a large technology company as a remote worker. I joined IronFront cowork with a “six pack” as a gift. I’ve been going to IronFront once or twice per week. I’ve now used 5 of my 6 days and will soon be signing up for another six pack.
I enjoy working at IronFront for several reasons:

  • It’s a nice change from working at home, even though I still work at home most days.
  • It’s a nice, relaxing, and productive environment. It’s not noisy and I can find a quiet place when I need one. The shared work spaces at IronFront are much more attractive than my office at home.
  • I’ve met several new people, all of whom are interesting and I look forward to seeing them again.
  • It’s nice to meet people at work who do not work for the same company that I do.
  • I take full advantage of the free coffee and fresh fruit water. Also, the free craft beer on tap is good at the end of the day before I return home.

I would recommend IronFront cowork without hesitation to anyone considering cowork.

Brinkley Sprunt, Principal Member of Technical Staff at Oracle Corporation

Great staff, great space, great environment.

Beau Hoffman, McCormick Law Firm

The most valuable part of this incredible space is the community of entrepreneurs. The conversations I have with other folks growing businesses is great. And the setting can’t be beat.

Kurt Steckel, Bison Analytics

Iron Front is awesome! It’s a space that is exceptionally well thought out and the design of the workspaces make it a fun place to work. When I get to work there, I realize that there was literally nothing that wasn’t thought of from where to plug devices into to how each room should function. It also helps me just get more done when I’m around others that are working and I can usually find someone to interact with and talk to. Also, being downtown in Lewisburg makes it a great place to take a break and go for a walk. I can ‘t think of any negatives. It’s really ideal.

Mark Heid

Iron Front Cowork has been invaluable to getting our startup, PlayImpossible.com, off the ground. The quality meeting space, high-speed internet, shared test devices, fabulous kitchen, and community events are all examples of items we wouldn’t have access to at the same price, anywhere else in the area. The space, and people that fill it, creates an energy that we feed off in our daily work, and it helps us recruit new talent.

Kevin Langdon, CTO, Play Impossible

I’ve been a member of and visited numerous coworking spaces in New York City and Philadelphia and the quality of Iron Front is on par with, even exceeds, the spaces in those larger metropolitan areas. The spacious floor plan with a variety of locations to work from helps put me in a creative and productive mode whenever I am there. I love its location right in the center of downtown Lewisburg as there are lots of options to walk to for a healthy quick lunch.

Being a member of Iron Front has introduced me to numerous local business owners in a casual setting, which as a full-time freelancer who needs to make sure they always have a steady stream of work lined up, is invaluable to me.

Tyler Paulsen, tylerpaulsen.com

I am part of a start-up KIZ business, and Iron Front provides my company not only with space to operate, but an environment of collaboration amongst similarly like-minded tech start-ups. While I have owned a successsful advertising agency for years, tech is new to me. The access to this talent, energy and mindset is invaluable. And besides – the space is simply gorgeous 🙂

Xana Winans, Golden Proportions Marketing 

Iron Front provides a fantastic working environment for individuals and small companies. The atmosphere provides inspiration and room to focus on the tasks at hand. I’ve made great connections through co-working in the area and my opportunities have increased through my blossoming professional network at Iron Front.

Mike goes above and beyond in making every person who walks in feel warm and welcome. Having come from a similar entrepreneurial background as many of his tenants Mike provides not only what the professional network at Iron Front needs, but also very intentionally provides the little details that go a long way in presenting a very professional and thoughtful environment.

Joel Peterson

As a sole business owner headquartered in my home, I appreciate the stimulation and professionalism of Iron Front Cowork and its membership. The facility is fantastic. Iron Front has taken care of all of my work day needs and through co-working, what is possible expands.

Diane Weller, Diane Weller Coaching

I’m a software professional who works remotely. Contrary to popular notions, the ideal working space is not alone at home. There are many distractions at home and eventually you feel isolated. Coworking has expanded my social network, allowing me to collaborate and exchange ideas to stay current on technology. Iron Front provides the quiet, comfortable, open space (with reliable wifi) that lets me attain the “focused flow” I need to work most productively.

Donn Trenton

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Iron Front. This is a gem in the middle of rural PA and rivals spaces you’d find in big cities. They’ve got everything covered, right down to white boards and meeting rooms. I love working here and have already made contacts for business. Everyone here is quite respectful and professional. It’s worth the 30 miles I drive to here from Shamokin. Thanks, Mike!

Evamarie Socha

As a entrepreneur developing software and technology solutions for education I need to be creative. I need the right blend of quiet space as well as a atmosphere and surroundings to help get my creative juices flowing. Being able to work in such a unique environment, collaborate with some of the best creative and technical people this area has to offer is invaluable. Iron Front Co Work is all of that and then some and it’s a little piece of Silicon Valley right here in the beautiful Buffalo Valley. Being located in a Keystone Innovation Zone I can also take advantage of business development programs and tax incentives. All at a price level that meets my needs and budget. Check them out, and start creating today!

Geoff Craven, Craven Tech

I like the variety of places to work. User friendly and comfortable

Robin Muller, College Ready Playbook 

The Iron Front cowork has been a great place to not only focus on work that I need to do but also a connect with like-minded people that I have been able to learn from. Being that I have a full time job, in addition to my hobby work, I use the Iron Front cowork space as a “home away from home” when I need to study, work or get ahead on many of work and hobby related projects.

Shawn Preisz, Pinpoint Robotics

Love the space. It’s easy to find a quite space when I can focus or make a call. And if you need to bounce a few ideas around it’s easy to find folks willing to contribute. All around a great space and good value.

Ben Beaver

Coworking offers a number of advantages to me and my business. First, I have access to multiple conferencing spaces that I can use for various types of meetings. Secondly, the talent around you really can help you take your business to another level. There are a lot of networking and specific skill resources at your fingertips. Lastly, the spaces offer a variety of working environments, from quite corners to a cafe feel which helps keep the workday/week fresh.

Ted Strosser, Strosser Architecture & Conservation

I’m a consultant that works from home when I’m not away on business. While it has its advantages, the lack of social interaction, and potential distractions are pitfalls to effectiveness. The coworking space has expanded by social network, and I truly believe my productivity while I am on site. The site has plenty of spaces for phone calls, computer meetings, and shared space that allow me to be as private or public as I need to be at any given time. The amenities are fantastic, the space is clean and professional, and I can’t imagine what I would need more from an office on those days where I need that office type setting.

Bill Shutt, Capacity Building Collaborative

Setting up shop at The Iron Front Cowork is a must for any start-up or entrepreneur! The amenities are second to none. Mike Matukaitis and the Iron Front staff have thought of everything. There’s a sound booth, a video studio, breakfast Tuesdays, and plenty of modern meeting rooms to meet with perspective clients. And that’s not even the best part! The best part is the other members at Iron Front. There will always be someone at Iron Front to talk to; to share ideas, make contacts, and grow your business.

Jeff Kay, Pinpoint Robotics